Practiced technical skills, with strong knowledge of current and emerging OpenSource technologies while maintaining Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Oracle Weblogic application servers.


10 years of System Administrator experience in mixed Unix/Linux and Windows environments with hands-on expertise in networking, scripting, and systems integration. 



Anchorage, Alaska USA

Technical Skills


Linux Emacs IntelliJ Git Subversion JIRA Maven Word Excel Outlook PowerPoint


Java Ruby Flex Meteor Python PHP CSS BootStrap JavaScript CoffeeScript HTML5 Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB


Ubuntu Debian RedHat centOS Solaris Windows Apache Nginx Node.js MySQL Oracle Oracle BI

Work History

Analyst/Programmer IV

Java Flex Hibernate Maven Oracle Oracle BI Glassfish

  • Lead two very public and mission-critical in season web applications for the largest commercial wild salmon harvests in the world.
  • Design, write and maintain software for in season monitoring of Alaska's commercial salmon harvest.
  • Maintain the News Release system for commercial and sports fishing public notifications.
  • Work very closely with biologists ensuring all of their reporting needs are met to maintain a healthy sustainable salmon harvest.

Lead Developer (Self-Employed)

Andorid iOS CoronaSDK Lua Java jPCT git

  • Developed a tap and swipe interactive game for Android and iOS using Emacs and the CoronaSDK.
  • Coordinated with artists for asset creation.
  • Developed a 3D tap enabled word game for Android using Eclipse, jPCT and the Android SDK.

Associate Consultant II

WebSphere Tomcat Oracle SQL Server

  • Consulted on and did the foundational work for the migration of a large production application from WebSphere 5.1 to WebSphere 7.
  • Did the integration for Apache HTTPD with Apache Tomcat 7 for a highly visible and public java web application.
  • Established the foundation work for a distributed Oracle WebLogic 11 cluster between Juneau and Anchorage for a mission critical java web application.
  • Maintained several small websites with regular updates.
  • Various networking hardware installs as time permitted.

Systems Engineer

Perl csh Weblogic Solaris Java Python Oracle Subversion

  • Maintained cluster of Oracle Weblogic Application Servers in a mixed OS environment (Solaris/Win2k3).
  • Participated in root-cause analysis of recurring issues, system backups, and security setup.
  • Maintained application deliveries for several mission critical application.
  • Created deployment applications to ease the management of several large clusters of Weblogic servers.
  • Supported LAN servers, peripherals, network nodes, data warehouse, and enterprise management.
  • Helped manage a large mixed development, testing, and production environment.
  • Ensured high availability of all Oracle Databases with DBAs.

Unix Configuration Specialist

Perl csh Weblogic Solaris Java Python Oracle Subversion

  • Wrote scripts for automation and information gathering using Perl, Shell Scripts and Python.
  • Perform software installation, upgrades/patches, troubleshooting, and maintenance on UNIX servers.
  • Integrated a large cluster of Solaris systems for a high profile government project.
  • Integrated locally developed applications in to external application suite.
  • Implemented a system for the tracking and long-term warehousing of application deliveries.
  • Integrated Source Code Management with existing ActiveDirectory domain for simple administration.


Java Oracle Weblogic subversion Caché

  • Created layout and design for large scale package tracking system using GoogleMaps API.
  • Create an interface for tracking shipped packages through RFID Tags.
  • Created a system for importing large amounts of meta information into preformatted packages for lexicographical searching.


PHP JavaScript MySQL Linux

  • Designed and implemented a new intranet application for managing company contacts and meetings.
  • Developed a large-scale relational database for a cellular phone reseller and laid foundation work for the web application.

Programmer/Analyst (Contractor)

PHP JavaScript MySQL PostgreSQL Linux FreeBSD

  • Designed, implemented and tested Intranet software for diverse clientele.
  • Developed and implemented a real-time tracking and transcription system for x-rays.
  • Installed network appliances such a printers or routers.


ColdFusion JavaScript PHP ASP Oracle PostgreSQL

  • Provided software design, development and implementation based on client contract requirements.
  • Designed small to large-scale relational databases depending on the client's needs.
  • Worked as a secondary network administrator watching over a medium sized mixed IT environment including Windows and Unix variants.